Darrell Delamaide’s Political Capital: Forget Frexit: Brexit vote may mark high tide for EU skepticism

France’s National Front and other euroskeptic parties may not get as big a boost as they are anticipating from the British vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

Brexit, as it is called, was so definitive and clear that it has finally woken up Europe’s political elite to the need for fundamental reform in the EU, taking the wind out of euroskeptics’ sails.

As the mainstream parties backpedal on the concept of “ever closer union,” they are undermining support for Marine Le Pen’s nationalist, anti-EU National Front and similar insurgent parties in other EU member nations.

This was the thrust of a report last month in Politico Europe, which noted how Brexit has shifted the political discourse in France, forcing mainstream politicians to adopt a harder stance on EU reform.

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