Evacuating a plane? Don’t carry off your carry-on

Airport announcements constantly warn of the dangers of unattended luggage. But when your plane is in an emergency situation, leave it.

Video footage, likely shot inside the cabin with a smartphone by a passenger, of the evacuation of an Emirates Airline flight that crash-landed in Dubai on Wednesday shows passengers scrambling for their carry-on luggage before leaving the plane. The passengers and crew survived, however, one firefighter died while trying to stop the flames.

Evacuation video of #Emirates#EK521 from crash landing #Dubai#Airport this afternoon. Brave #CabinCrewpic.twitter.com/kEZuFh2aa6

— Rehan Quereshi (@rehanquereshi) August 3, 2016

Such behavior has concerned travel experts, who warn that collecting luggage during an evacuation can significantly delay the process and create unnecessary obstacles, putting yourself and fellow passengers at risk.

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