Need to Know: Beware the market ‘shenanigans’ promised by a dull August

There is a lot of “August hate” going around lately. It’s hot, the markets are dull, and vacations are rife.

The S&P 500 went sprinting to all-time highs shortly after the opening bell on Monday, then closed 0.1% lower. The Dow industrials did the same, while the Nasdaq managed a 0.2% drop. Pure excitement. We could be in for another one of those days, if stock futures are anything to go by.

It could be worse. We could be suffering through August without Rio Olympics distractions:

The Usain Bolt circus begins with DJs and a troupe of samba dancers – not your average #Rio2016 press conferencehttps://t.co/RZj3P5NhGf

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) August 9, 2016

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