Slide Show: New Swedish Fish Oreos take flavor mash-up to the extreme

2016 may go down in history as the year food mash-ups went totally weird. Taco Bell gave us Cheetos Burritos, and Burger King gave us Mac n’ Cheetos. But Oreo, owned by Mondelez International Inc. MDLZ, -0.76% may take the cake here for most bizarre combination of junk foods.

Oreo has launched a Swedish Fish Oreo — a mix of fruit and chocolate, with a light red creme filling. But don’t expect that chewy, gummy texture of Swedish Fish. This dessert has all the makings of a classic Oreo with a Swedish Fish flavor.

The catch? They are only available at Kroger (for $2.99 per pack), an Ohio-based supermarket chain.

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