Zooming past you at an airport soon: Rideable suitcases

Next time you’re trudging through an airport dragging a suitcase, just imagine you could pull some handlebars out of that bag, sit on it and zoom to your gate at 5 miles an hour.

That is the plan for Modobag, a Chicago startup that has spent two years developing a $1,500 rideable suitcase, even though some airports say they won’t be allowed. Three weeks into an Indiegogo online campaign that offers the bags at a discounted price of $995, the company has found nearly 300 backers who have committed more than $280,000, nearly six times Modobag’s original goal.

The Modobag — which co-founder Kevin O’Donnell and his brother, Brian, demonstrated at MarketWatch’s San Francisco bureau on Thursday — has a small, replaceable motor, lithium ion battery and telescoping handlebars with a throttle and brake.

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