The Wall Street Journal: Trump ramps up ‘rigging’ claim, saying only ‘cheating’ can defeat him in Pennsylvania

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday said the only way he will lose Pennsylvania will be if “cheating goes on,” intensifying his claims that the election system is rigged and that it will work against him in November.

At his second Pennsylvania rally of the day, Trump said he is concerned that he will be cheated out of a win in the crucial swing state, suggesting that the state’s lack of a voter-identification law will allow people to “come in and vote five times” and hand the election to his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Trump says he was being sarcastic in claiming Obama founded ISIS


Having said on a number of occasions that President Barack Obama was the “founder” of Islamic State, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump then tweeted on Friday that his comments should have been considered “sarcasm.

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