Capitol Report: What investors can expect when IEX launches on Friday

Jeremy C. Owens/MarketWatch

IEX Chief Strategy Officer Ronan Ryan, left, and Chief Executive Brad Katsuyama explain some intricacies of collocation at MarketWatch’s San Francisco Bureau earlier this year.

IEX is finally going live as an exchange Friday and investors and market players on all sides of the debate await a verdict on whether the reality will live up to the non-stop hype.

It’s been more than two years since Michael Lewis’ 2014 book Flash Boys touted Investors’ Exchange LLC, commonly known as IEX, as the solution to the problem not everyone agrees exists: Equity markets are “rigged” against retail investors.

On June 1, nine months after IEX submitted its application to become an exchange, the Securities and Exchange Commission permitted the new exchange to be brought into the world with its approval order.

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