Kids menus cater to sophisticated palates with edamame, kale and beets

Taking the kids out for a meal? Forget chicken nuggets and fries. Children these days want edamame, black bean soup and jasmine rice.

Children’s palates, like those of their parents, have gotten more sophisticated in recent years. Restaurants and grocers are responding with dishes and recipes that incorporate flavors and ingredients that you might not expect kids to eat.

At Laughing Planet Café, a chain with 17 locations in Oregon and Nevada, the focus is on healthy food, with ingredients like tempeh, a soy product popular among vegans, kale and quinoa on the menu. The seasonal special, according to the company’s website, is a “Summer Fiesta” made with heirloom orca beans, cucumber walla-walla onion pico, and either chile-garlic braised beef or tofu.

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