The Tell: As Apple’s ‘death cross’ turns 1, the stock heads toward a ‘golden cross’

Apple Inc. detractors can celebrate on Friday the first anniversary of the stock’s “death cross,” only the second time in the stock’s 36-year history that the bearish chart pattern has persisted for that long.

Although the current bearish technical period is on track to end within two weeks, the Apple bulls shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate. The only other time Apple’s 50-day moving average stayed below its 200-day moving average for at least a year—from Oct. 9, 1995, to Nov. 21, 1996—the ensuing bullish “golden cross” lasted less than two months, and prices resumed their tumble almost immediately.

The stock’s AAPL, -0.59% 50-day moving average, which technical analysts use to track the shorter-term trend, had last crossed below the 200-day moving average, which many see as a dividing line between longer-term uptrends and downtrends, on Aug.

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