Weekend Sip: The Tesla of candy? There’s a waiting list of 18,000 people for Rosé-flavored gummies

The candy:Sugarfina rosé-flavored gummies, starting at $8.50 for a small box

The back story: In recent years, Americans have become obsessed with rosé, the pink-hued wine that’s considered an ideal summer sipper. But a rosé candy? Sugarfina, an enterprising and often cutting-edge confectioner that has brought the world such treats as Atomic Sours and Maple Bourbon Caramels, decided earlier this year that it was high time to offer its special take on the wine. So the company partnered with the French-based makers of Whispering Angel, a rosé that’s a big seller in the U.S., and created what they call the Yes Way Rosé collection, as in gummies in the shape of bears (Rosé All Day Bears) or flowers (Yes Way Rosé Roses).

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