What it’s like to have life-threatening allergies and be unable to afford the EpiPen

For 43-year old Katie Myers, a private school teacher in Baltimore, Md., when it comes to Mylan N.V.’s MYL, +0.42%EpiPen that her family depends on, every day she makes a risky choice.

Even though she’s allergic to bee stings, she can’t afford more than one of the $615 packages for the dual life-saving injectors, so she gives the two-pack set to her 14 year-old son, Logan, who’s allergic to both shellfish and penicillin.

“My son and I both have EpiPens and we use the same dose, so to save money we just keep one two-pack in the house and keeps a two-pack at school and I go without when I’m not home,” she said.

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