Outside the Box: This is the reason Putin is even more dangerous than you thought

How much of a threat is Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin? Russia’s military power and aggressive actions are undoubtedly serious, but the danger is actually even greater.

Putin is leading the charge against the liberating values of the Western Enlightenment that have in the past brought so much progress to humanity. If his fascist vision of the future triumphs — as it might because it is spreading — a darkness will befall the world.

Most analysis of Putin’s Russia agrees that it increasingly resembles the fascist states of the 1920s and 1930s. Like Russia today they were characterized by anti-democratic autocracy, intense appeals to aggressive, angry ultra-nationalism,militarization and dangerous international adventurism, control of the economy by the state and its favored, protected firms, and a suppression of civil society to prevent dissent.

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