Bill Gross says negative interest rates are nothing but liabilities

Bloomberg News/Landov

Bill Gross manages the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund.

Call bond-market veteran Bill Gross a “broken watch.” He doesn’t care.

His gripe about negative interest rates and a flood of debt, which he considers a risk, not a fix, for a global economy that’s still limping out of the financial crisis, is challenged daily by resilient demand for the bonds he’s bearish on. But even if being “right” eventually is a hard sell right now, he’s not backing down, Gross said in his latest monthly commentary.

“The problem with Cassandras, such as Gross and Jim Grant and Stanley Druckenmiller, among a host of others, is that we/they can be compared to a broken watch that is right twice a day but wrong for the other 1,438 minutes,” Gross wrote.

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