The Tell: Traders tap these surprising investments to beat the S&P during lazy summer stretch

The stock market may be stalking record highs on a regular basis, but investors don’t seem to be in any mood to chase it, if the latest data released Thursday from investment tracking site Openfolio is any indication.

In fact, they appear to be circling the wagons.

Of the top four securities bought in August, three of them were bond ETFs: the iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate Bond fund LQD, -0.18% the iShares National Muni Bond fund MUB, -0.12% and the Vanguard Total International Bond fund BNDX, -0.18%

On the flip side, the top four sold were tech-heavy: Facebook FB, +0.27% Apple AAPL, +0.94% Twitter TWTR, +0.26% and the Velocity Shares 3x Long Crude ETN UWTI, +4.57% That last one is a favorite choice of millennials looking to juice volatility, and has been for a while.

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