5 important ways Hillary Clinton is a lousy CEO

Culture warriors judge presidential candidates on social issues, tax-cut aficionados grade economic plans and environmentalists heat up over climate change. At bottom, professionally, I’m a management critic — and for that skill set, learning to love Hillary Clinton is stubbornly hard.

I spent seven years at BusinessWeek, a place that teaches you to size up leaders. BW’s status as a regular stop for technology executives spinning strategies meant being in rooms with everyone from Bill Gates to a surprisingly impressive Carly Fiorina, from startup guys like Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos to established-company leaders like Cisco’s John Chambers. I got Sergey Brin stupendously wrong — after watching him interrupt Larry Page throughout a 1999 lunch, I said (not in print, thank God) Google would blow up as those two killed each other — and understood early how good Netflix’s Reed Hastings is.

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