Why that scuzzy ATM in the back of your favorite dive bar is about to disappear

Using your bank’s ATM is already a good move if you’re trying to avoid paying withdrawal fees for going out of network. And soon, you might be forced to use your bank’s ATM more often: There may be fewer third-party ATMs at places like bodegas, restaurants and bars.

Starting in October, banks that issue credit and debit cards will no longer be solely responsible for fraud, according to MasterCard MA, -1.83% policy.

Visa V, -1.98% will adopt the same policy starting in October 2017.

After the shift, MasterCard and Visa will hold whichever party has the least secure technology responsible for counterfeit fraud; that could be the bank that issued the card, the bank that processes payments made on the card for the merchant (like a bar or bodega owner), or the ATM owner who operates an ATM that isn’t EMV-enabled.

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