Capitol Report: Colin Powell calls Donald Trump a ‘national disgrace’ | Democrats fear Senate takeover chances dimming

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called Donald Trump a “national disgrace” and an “international pariah” in a personal email exchange leaked online by hackers.

NBC News reports Powell, a retired four-star general who is a Republican, confirmed the authenticity of the emails concerning the GOP presidential nominee. “The hackers have a lot more,” Powell added. BuzzFeed News first reported the contents of the emails and said the messages had been obtained by the web site DCLeaks.com. Powell told BuzzFeed: “I have no further comment. I’m not denying it.”

Among the other revelations: former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told Powell with respect to Iraq, that if “Don [Rumsfeld] and the Pentagon had done their jobs (after claiming the rights to lead post-war rebuilding — things might have turned out differently.

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