The Wall Street Journal: Cup Noodles cuts the salt in its instant ramen (but it’s still really salty)

Even the makers of instant ramen noodles are feeling the pressure to seem healthier. Cup Noodles, which brought instant ramen to America 45 years ago, said Thursday it has drastically reduced the sodium content and removed artificial flavors in its iconic foam cups, adding ingredients like paprika and lime.

The push comes as food makers seek to keep up with the latest health-and-wellness trends. American grocery shoppers have made it clear that less is more, from “gluten free” to “no artificial food coloring,” even when it comes to products like candy and instant dinners.

Owned by Nissin Foods USA 2897, +1.66% Cup Noodles made its way into the homes of low-income families and college dormitories because of its convenience and affordability.

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