Women are better at paying bills, so why is it so hard for them to get a mortgage?

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Single women actually are better mortgage credit risks than single men, despite those same women having one-third less income on average than men, according a recent study.

For Rebecca Shifflett, a single mother of two in Walkersville, Md., buying a home in 2015 was a daunting process.

And in her view, for a familiar reason.

“I was asked a few times about doing it alone. I think it was because I was a single girl and it was my first home,” she said.

During the loan application process, Shifflett, a 35 year-old accountant, felt she was always getting extra scrutiny, much like an episode in HBO’s comedy-drama series “Sex and the City,” where Cynthia Nixon’s character Miranda Hobbes runs into skepticism (and perhaps sexism) by Realtors and loan officers surprised when she revealed she was getting the mortgage just by herself.

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