‘The Points Guy’ has 30 credit cards and a credit score of 805. He let us in on his secrets

Brian Kelly, who you may know as credit-card guru The Points Guy, joined MarketWatch for a live interview on Facebook today.

He gave some expert tips on how to make the most of your credit card points and frequent flier miles.

Here are some highlights:

On how long you should hold onto a card after you get the sign-up bonus:

Kelly says 2016 is the year of the sign-up bonus. “We thought last year was, but this year it’s crazy. Chase just came out with the Sapphire Reserve, which offers 100,000 points for getting a single card.

“There are a whole bunch of cards with huge value, but once you get the points, do you keep the card or not? What I say is this: Look at the annual fee and then the perks that you get from the card.

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