The Wall Street Journal: German far-right party gains ground in elections, creeps up on Merkel’s CDU

BERLIN—The center-left Social Democrats won an election Sunday in the city-state of Berlin, in a vote that propelled an upstart anti-immigrant party in Germany into its 10th state legislature.

The Social Democrats, led by Berlin Mayor Michael Müller, finished first with 21.6% of the vote, according to a projection based on exit polling and partial vote counts released by public broadcaster ARD. The center-right Christian Democrats, the party of Chancellor Angela Merkel, came in second with 17.5%, followed closely by the radical Left Party and the environmentalist Greens.

Alternative for Germany, a three-year-old party that has placed opposition to Merkel’s acceptance of refugees at the core of its agenda, came in fifth with 14.1% of the vote, according to the projection.

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