5 things we still don’t know about EpiPen pricing after Mylan’s congressional beating

The drubbing taken by Mylan NV Chief Executive Heather Bresch on Wednesday at the hands of lawmakers over EpiPen price hikes has been described as a “beating,” “contentious” and a display of “grandstanding, misunderstanding and speeches.”

But aside from publicly shaming a reviled pharmaceutical executive, the two-hour event was not particularly effective in answering — or even touching upon — key issues brought up in the EpiPen brouhaha, despite a rare, apparently bipartisan consensus among members of the House Oversight Committee on a need for change.

With the hearing prompted by sixfold increases in the allergic reaction treatment’s price since 2007, lawmakers focused their questioning of Bresch on the EpiPen’s price — over $600 for a two-pack — though the CEO repeatedly asserted that was a far cry from the roughly $100 per two-pack that the company collects as profit.

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