‘Storks’ looks to help ‘The Magnificent Seven’ deliver solid weekend box office

What happens when the CEO of a major delivery company decides to discontinue a segment of the business to shift focus and increase profitability?

That’s the backdrop of Time Warner Inc.-owned TWX, +0.85% Warner Bros.’s new animated feature “Storks,” which debuts in more than 3,800 theaters this weekend.

The company is Conerstone, the employees are all storks and other birds and the discontinued business is baby delivery. Clever. The film, starring Andy Samberg, Katie Crown (“Adventure Time” and Bob’s Burgers”) and Kelsey Grammer, to name a few, cost $70 million to produce. And in hopes of helping inject some excitement into the box office after a dull prior weekend, “Storks” is expected to garner $36.5 million this weekend, according to Box Office estimates.

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