Tesla falling behind rivals among key segment: the super rich

Tesla Motors Inc. could be losing ground in the luxury electric-car segment and among a very important demographic for the Silicon Valley car maker–the richest of the rich.

That’s from analysts at UBS, who said in a note Friday that the richest households (those with an income of more than $100,000 a year) are more likely to buy an electric car from a premium “incumbent” maker such as BMW BMW, -0.90% Volkswagen AG’s VW, +1.28% Audi, and others, according to a survey UBS conducted.

When asking all respondents whether they’d prefer buying an all-electric car from incumbent brands versus Tesla TSLA, +0.49% 13% to 31% indicated a preference for incumbent brands, and 20% to 44% said they’d choose a Tesla, UBS said.

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