Is the new Teva x Ugg collection fashion-forward or just plain ugly?


Models wear shoes from the new Teva x Ugg collection

Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself after seeing the new shoes created through a Teva and Ugg mashup:

“Why is this a thing?”

“Who would wear these?”

“Are these the ugliest shoes ever made?”

That last question is one that has been asked by a number of journalists and social media users. “Today” show host Tamron Hall said she might wear the boot. Savannah Guthrie thinks it looks like a medical brace she once had to wear.

“We actually love the conversation happening about Teva x Ugg, good or bad, because we wanted these styles to be disruptive and push the limit,” said Erika Gabrielli, director of marketing for Teva.

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