Pumpkin spice is everywhere this Halloween, but maybe it shouldn’t be

It all started with the Starbucks SBUX, +1.29% pumpkin spice latte in 2003.

To say it was well-received would be an understatement and, now, 13 years later, brands across numerous industries have joined the pumpkin party. This year, General Mills GIS, +0.35% introduced pumpkin spice Cheerios and Kellogg’s K, +0.27% debuted pumpkin spice Nutri-Grain bars, Lindt LISN, +1.66% released its pumpkin spice chocolates and McDonald’s MCD, +0.50% in Japan created pumpkin spice-inspired fries.

2016年に1月に大人気だったマックチョコポテトが、進化して帰ってきます!!……なんと今回はハロウィンバージョン👻このヤバイ色、パンプキン&チョコソースです!#ハロウィンチョコポテト#9月28日から pic.twitter.com/OygxYXjvAT

— マクドナルド (@McDonaldsJapan) September 21, 2016

This adds to the overwhelming number of other pumpkin products, including but not limited to: coffees, teas, Twinkies, Oreos, cookies, cupcakes, peanuts, sausage, beer, pastas, sauce, milk, doughnuts, chips, gum, ice cream, soap – both dish and hand, shampoo, peanut butter, pudding, popcorn, candles, hummus.

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