Capitol Report: Obama lays out ‘the way ahead’ for U.S. economy

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President Obama lays out his vision for the U.S. economy after he leaves office.

President Barack Obama is already trying to frame how history views his stewardship of the U.S. economy and lay out his own vision on “the way ahead.”

In an essay in the high-brow U.K.-based magazine The Economist, Obama said the results of his policies are clear. “A second Great Depression was prevented” and America has “a more durable, growing economy.”

Obama writes Economist essay that only economists may love. Also, “globalisation.” https://t.co/GXTHkuOK9k

— Rick Klein (@rickklein) October 6, 2016

He touted the creation of 15 million new jobs since the end of the Great Recession, more Americans with health care, lower carbon emissions and “the beginnings of a reversal in inequality,” among other things.

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