Capitol Report: Trump drops a big tax clue in debate — here’s what it means

The focus of Sunday night’s second presidential debate was on Trump’s “lewd comment” recordings, but we did learn a bit more about the Republican candidate’s taxes, too.

Trump said that “a lot” of the nearly $1 billion in losses the New York Times said he claimed on his 1995 tax return was the result of depreciation, a non-cash deduction.

Trump’s statements were consistent with MarketWatch reporting from last week that said it’s possible Trump may not have lost actual money.

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Robert Thesman, a Washington state CPA who specializes in real estate tax issues, told MarketWatch on October 3 that the $909 million negative amount shown on the 1995 tax returns on the other income line may not be all net operating losses, and could have been caused by many activities that have no cash flow effect — so, in fact, not really scandalous.

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