Weekend Sip: Bacardi is touting a ‘Cuban’ rum that’s actually made in Puerto Rico

The bottles: Bacardi’s Havana Club Añejo Blanco ($19.99) and Bacardi’s Añejo Clásico ($21.99)

The back story: There’s perhaps no more famous a rum maker than the Bacardi company. And there’s perhaps no more revered a rum brand than Havana Club. But is the Bacardi-made Havana Club that’s becoming increasingly available in the U.S. the real deal?

Welcome to the rum wars of 2016 — the case of Havana Club vs. Havana Club. There was a beloved Havana Club rum produced in Cuba — by the Arechabala family — in the pre-Castro era. Today, Bacardi stakes its claim as the successor to that brand, saying it bases its recipe for the rum on the one the Arechabalas used.

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