Will a ‘Make American Great Again’ hat one day be worth $20,000?

During his successful pursuit of the presidency, Donald Trump’s campaign spent at least $3.2 million on hats. Meanwhile, the storefront on Hillary Clinton’s website still retails merchandise like a $45 tee from Diane von Furstenberg and a $5 “woman card.”

So what happens to the campaign merchandise after a victor has been declared?

Some of it can be turned into cold, hard cash. A hand-painted James Polk for President banner from 1844 went for $185,000 at an auction last year, while an engraving of Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, sold for $20,000. Many collectors covet other inexpensive trinkets because they recall “stories and memories that you wouldn’t have otherwise remembered,” says Ron Puechner, president of American Political Items Collectors, a nonprofit for memorabilia aficionados.

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