Biotech takes Trump presidency as a green light — and end to drug price worries

An earlier version of this report had typos in the names of Paul Yook and Andrew McDonald. It has been corrected.

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Fears of regulation kept biotech and pharmaceutical investors on the sidelines. Post-election, they’ve been diving back in.

After a rocky election season, drug companies and sector investors are taking President-elect Donald Trump’s victory as a green light.

The renewed bullishness has since found support in the president-elect’s transition website, which omits regulatory moves once proposed by his campaign and instead forecasts less regulation in the space.

Biotech stock fund XBI XBI, -0.62% and pharmaceutical fund XPH XPH, -0.26% both had their second-biggest moves ever the day after the presidential election, second only to a larger move during the 2008 financial crisis.

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