The heavy-on-hype, light-on-substance world of drone delivery

Flirtey, which calls itself “the world’s first drone delivery service,” used a drone to bring its investors socks and a “save-the-date” invitation for its 100 millionth drone delivery last month.

Not mentioned on the save-the-date: the actual date. That would be hard to predict, since Flirtey has yet to make 1,000 deliveries, instead using one-off stunts to sustain interest.

Drone delivery, a dream of futurists for years, has been mostly hype since a company called TacoCopter made the first documented drops in July 2011.

Flirtey, for its part, has logged a series of media-friendly delivery “firsts” including the first-ship-to-shore drone delivery, the first FAA-approved drone delivery to a customer’s home, the first urban drone delivery.

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