Key Words: Pollsters don’t recognize when it’s not Norman Ornstein they’re talking to

The institution of political polling has come in for a great deal of criticism of late. One inherent ridiculousness that’s rarely drawn out, though, is the manner in which poll questions can tend to treat random Americans as if they have at hand all the research, and the surfeit of time to ponder it, of a political scientist or a think-tank analyst.

‘I love when they poll people as if they’re, like, you know, a nation of Norman Ornsteins, and they all have an opinion about [factors that impacted] an election.’

Mark Halperin, Bloomberg

That’s Mark Halperin of Bloomberg News, name checking the longtime political observer Norman Ornstein — who, incidentally, has been both a think-tank scholar and a professor of political science of note (and the subject of a running in-joke about certain academics’ prolific quotability in a long-ago goes-to-Washington issue of Spy magazine) — to make that point.

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