Key Words: Dig, baby, dig says an Elon Musk with tunnel vision


Elon Musk, CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) and Tesla Motors.

‘Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…’

Elon Musk

Did American infrastructure rebuilding just move a tiny step forward thanks to Elon Musk? Or was this the musing of a mere mortal stuck in traffic?

The executive, who last week joined President-elect Donald Trump’s 18-member business advisory team, posted four tweets over a few hours on Saturday that seemed to indicate a new direction for his energies — underground. With the tweets, Musk’s Twitter bio got an update, too, with a list of presumed priorities: Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels (yes, tunnels) & OpenAI.

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