The Tell: Steve Eisman of ‘The Big Short’ fame says the stock market is entering a ‘golden age’ for banks

A gilded era for banks is about to get underway. That’s the view of Steve Eisman, the hedge-fund manager and investor who garnered prominence on Wall Street for his bets against dicey mortgage products engineered by some of the world’s biggest banks.

Eisman, whose story was told in Michael Lewis’s “The Big Short,” wagered correctly that these mortgage securities would eventually rock the financial system to its very core

Now, Eisman is espousing a much more bullish position in the banking sector, which has benefited mightily from President-elect Donald Trump’s promises to roll back a spate of financial regulations. Proponents of deregulation claim new rules ushered in along with the Dodd-Frank regulations in the aftermath of the financial crisis have hemmed in large lenders, hampering their profitability.

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