Need to Know: Why January will be the end of any Dow 20,000 hopes

If the Dow was meant to have hit 20,000 by now, wouldn’t it have happened?

It’s a fair question to ask, as investors watch the index back off what seemed a sure thing only a few days ago. Some, like FXTM’s Hussein Sayed, say breaking that psychological level could open the door to more buyers, as it suggests bulls are still in control.

But the index DJIA, -0.16% has run up 14% year-to-date, which opens up another investor dilemma.

“As gratifying as it would be for the Dow to hit 20,000, there’s an awful lot of potential profit that can be booked from the rally of the last six weeks,” ADS Securities’s Remo Fritschi says in his own note.

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