In One Chart: This graphic shows the world’s largest city, over 4,000 years

In 2050 B.C., Memphis, Egypt, held the title of biggest “city” in the world, with about 35,000 people calling the outpost at the mouth of the Nile Delta home. Fast forward some 4,000 years and Delhi, India, is expected to take the crown with a projected 40 million residents.

Along the way, dozens of metropolises have come and gone. Memphis passed the torch to Ur, Iraq, for a couple hundred years, before Babylon rose to the top. From there, cities in Egypt and Iraq jockeyed for pole position until China entered the picture with Yinxu around 1050 B.C.

Reddit user simongerman600 crunched data from the book “Why the West Rules – For Now” and created a visual tour of the changing face of the world’s top cities.

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