Deep Dive: Outperforming money manager says the S&P 500’s gains will accelerate in 2017

Erick Ormsby, the founder of Alcosta Capital Management, says the S&P 500 Index’s ascent will accelerate this year, helped in part by Donald Trump’s pro-business agenda.

He says the benchmark index may rise 15%, compared with 12% in 2016. The investment manager also gave six stock picks for 2017, listed below.

Alcosta Capital Management is a registered investment adviser based in San Ramon, Calif., that manages about $70 million in private accounts. The firm publishes the Alcosta Growth Report, a monthly newsletter. In 2014, Mark Hulbert included Alcosta Capital Management in a list of only six advisers among nearly 200 he was monitoring that “were able to outperform the Wilshire 5000 Index W5000, +0.81% during both the last bull market and the preceding bear market.

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