Key Words: Assange tells Hannity that Podesta’s password was, um, ‘password’

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, revealed that Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, previously known to have unwisely reacted to a phishing scheme in which an email purporting to be from Google GOOGL, +1.50% asked him to update personal information, had used this word as his password on the account:


Julian Assange, on Fox News

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John Podesta on stage at the Democratic convention last summer.

Yes, Podesta’s password was “password.” (Assange, whose complete Fox News interview can be viewed elsewhere on MarketWatch, did not elaborate significantly on the revelation, nor did he specify whether the password had simply been typed out or included other characters — though a posting on the WikiLeaks site suggests it was at some point spelled with an “@” symbol and a zero substituting for two of the word’s letters.

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