Zocdoc CEO Oliver Kharraz on why 2017’s health-care uncertainty is a good thing

The startup Zocdoc began with a simple, brutally incisive idea: that patients should be able to schedule doctors’ appointments easily online.

It was prompted by a co-founder of the company, who’d had the opposite experience after rupturing his eardrum, and discovered his not-so-positive experience was much more the norm.

Doctors, too, were losing out when patients canceled at the last minute, failed to show up or rescheduled appointments.

Having to wait several months to see the doctor is “completely unacceptable when you’re sick or in pain,” said Chief Executive Oliver Kharraz, a Zocdoc co-founder. And for doctors, he said, if “a time slot passes, if they haven’t seen a patient, they cannot sell this again and cannot use their time in any way.

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