Beer Goggles: How Pabst is taking on Big Beer, craft beer and imported beer all at once

Pabst Brewing Co. isn’t a big light-lager brewer, it isn’t a craft brewer, it isn’t an importer and it isn’t a marketer.

It’s all of those things at a time when beer needs them equally.

When former Oasis Beverages Chairman Eugene Kashper and San Francisco-based private-equity firm TSG Consumer Partners (which once owned stakes in Pop Chips, Vitamin Water and Arrowhead Mills, among others) purchased Pabst Brewing for a combined $700 million in 2014, it was a lump of disorganized potential.

The company held the rights to number of legacy beer brands — including Lone Star, Stroh’s, Old Style, Natural Bohemian and Old Milwaukee — and was riding high on the re-emergence of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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