NewsWatch: Investors are bracing for a massive stock-market selloff


If options traders are correct, stocks are in for a wild ride in February. See full story.

Should consumers boycott L.L. Bean over a political donation?

Wading into partisan politics (without a pair of duck boots) has landed L.L. Bean in the crosshairs See full story.

Davos elite promise global solutions, but they’re part of the problem

The annual Davos conference is a gathering of the rich, powerful, and disconnected, writes Satyajit Das. See full story.

‘Don’s Johns’ label taped over on Trump inauguration portable toilets

A week before the inauguration workers armed with rolls of blue masking tape covered the logos of the green plastic facilities trucked in for inauguration weekend festivities, toilets prominently displaying the name of local portable-toilet powerhouse “Don’s Johns.

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