London Markets: FTSE 100 slips as May signals Britain will leave EU’s single market

U.K. stocks pulled lower Tuesday, as investors grappled with the likelihood the U.K. will make a “hard Brexit,” a clean break with the European Union’s single market.

In a speech later today, British Prime Minister Theresa May will say the U.K. doesn’t want “partial membership” in the EU “or anything that leave us half-in, half out,” according to excerpts released by her office.

The FTSE 100 UKX, -0.70% fell 0.3% to 7,304.99, with only the financial and health care sectors notching small advances. The index on Monday dropped 0.2%, breaking a 14-day winning streak.

Monday’s loss also broke a string of 12 consecutive all-time closing highs, with the drop coming after media reports said May planned to seek a hard Brexit in exchange for greater control of immigration policy.

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