Need to Know: Here’s why the Trump-ban selloff may just be the tip of the iceberg

Traders begging for non-presidential drivers may get exactly that today, thanks to Apple and the start of a Fed meeting.

“This week was supposed to be dominated by central banks’ decisions, earnings, and economic data from across the globe, but with Donald Trump in office, nothing seems capable of taking the spotlight from the White House.” That was FXTM strategist Hussein Sayed in a note that pretty much nails the mood.

The jitters look set to stick around today, with some youngsters in for a #SaturdayNightMasscare history-refresher after Trump sent a defiant attorney general packing:

Much debate now surrounds just when to start worrying about politics in earnest, and Sayed has one answer: “The major risk looming now is the breakup of the Republican coalition, although this doesn’t seem to be the case for now.

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