Super Bowl won’t be able to avoid Trump’s immigration crackdown and travel ban

If the NFL wanted to avoid being part of the national conversation about immigrants and refugees, it picked the wrong year to have Houston host the Super Bowl.

Last weekend, when President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, protests were held at airports across the country in a remarkable uprising. Protesters in Houston assembled directly beneath banners for the National Football League’s Super Bowl lead-in events for the Patriots-Falcons match-up.

Protest at Super Bowl “NFL Experience” downtown Houston. #NoBanNoWall#GoFalconspic.twitter.com/ctzgUJWIE1

— Daniel Copple (@dhcopple) January 29, 2017

We single out Houston because, as the Houston Chronicle points out, it is a hub for both immigration and refugee resettlement.

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