Key Words: Of course actors should freely express political opinions, says actor

Should movie stars use their celebrity as a political soapbox? Of course, says actor–director–comedian–awards show host Ricky Gervais, in a Daily Beast interview:

‘Why shouldn’t I? I’m a person as well. That’s my job. You don’t say to a plumber, “Oh, don’t get involved in politics. You should just fix my toilet.” He’s allowed to talk politics. Why are celebrities not allowed to talk politics?’

Ricky Gervais

Gervais, who created — and wrote, directed and starred in — the acclaimed original “The Office” and later co-produced with Stephen Merchant the long-running American version, argues that his bumbling but self-reverential character in the BBC show, David Brent, shares a sort of narcissism with President Donald Trump, but there is one significant divergence: “[Trump is] a winner, and [Brent is] a loser, to put it plainly.

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