Key Words: The Chicago Cubs are mortal, and manager Joe Maddon wants his players to remember that

‘Don’t forget the heartbeat.’

Joe Maddon

That’s Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon testing out a new mantra as the once lovable losers of the baseball world settle into a strange role — defending champs.

Joe Maddon has a new phrase: “Don’t forget the heartbeat,” in reference to the human element which came into… https://t.co/7BOeeIBBSw

— Jesse Rogers (@ESPNChiCubs) February 14, 2017

If the motto sticks, it replaces “Try not to suck,” a sentiment that helped push the Cubs, a team of youthful farm-raised players that came up through the Cubs minor-league system, with a few high-priced veterans tossed in, to their first championship in 108 years.

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