Need to Know: Only ‘blind faith’ sees Dow’s record run roaring onward, says storied hedge fund manager

Are you not entertained?

“Meh” would be a fair answer from investors who watched the Dow snag its best record-close streak in 30 years on Wednesday, but on just a 0.2% gain. Wowsers. Still, for the bears, it’s maybe one more reason to get grumpier.

“Only ‘blind faith’ could cause me to be long this market,” says Doug Kass, in the headline of a blog post today.

The legendary hedge fund manager took issue with CNBC’s “buy everything” segment yesterday (also covered by MarketWatch’s Joe Adinolfi). He pointed out all the political hurdles — such as POTUS trying to glide his budget through — that face this “priced to perfection” market.

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