Need to Know: Dow 30,000 — this is what could rocket stocks to the moon

The debate continues over exactly what triggered that one-giant-leap for equities yesterday. A sanguine POTUS, Fed-hike euphoria or maybe aggressive algorithms?

In any case, some calm threatens to return today, even as yet another rumble over Russia appears to be brewing, with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an uneasy spotlight.

Potentially spicing things up today is the biggest IPO since 2014, for Snapchat parent Snap. Appetite for the stock looks voracious, and timing may work in its favor, as the debut comes a day after the Dow’s fastest 1,000-point march in history.

But note there are party poopers: “Of course, such bullishness is reminiscent of the dot-com bubble, and this could be a high watermark for the market,” says ETX Capital’s Neil Wilson in a note.

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