The Tell: 5 insights from a retail trader who claims he parlayed $600 into $100,000

Last month, a Sydney, Australia-based trader, whose Twitter bio says he has been “consistently buying tops and selling bottoms since 2014,” shared an illustration of what he claims is his trading performance over the past few years.

Let’s just say, the self-deprecating trader has reason to wax laudatory, if his performance claims are accurate:

+100k! To my biggest trading influences:@InvestorsLive@MikeBellafiore@modern_rock@kroyrunner89

Thank u all from the bottom of my heart! pic.twitter.com/UszAcExbtN

— J Park (@_jpark89) February 28, 2017

Mike Bellafiore, co-founder of trading firm SMB Capital, took notice of the chart’s “impressive equity curve” and decided to pick J. Park’s brain about his process.

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